Exam Tips For Students Who Leave Study To The Last Minute

You totally dropped the ball and now you’ve got only a few days to remember six months of classes.

Don’t stress! If you’re anything like me, you probably like to get all the revision out of the way in one week, or if you’re also like me, you’re just a master procrastinator. Whatever the reason, it’s time to settle in with some coffee and 2-minute noodles.

Here are some tips to ace your exam with some last-minute study.

#1 Rhyme Time

If you struggle with soaking up boring information straight from the textbook, another way to memorise is to make a song or rhyme out of it. You don’t have to be an accomplished poet, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just easy and short enough for you to remember.

If you need some inspo here is an example of a guy that went viral making a rap out of his biology notes. I promise you’ll be singing this all day!

#2 Set A Priorities List

So, it’s the week leading up to exams and there is so much study to do that you don’t even know where to start. It might sound really simple, but making a list of what you need to do first can really organise the thoughts in your mind and make your end goal a lot clearer.

Plus, it feels so good when you can tick off a job on your list once you’ve completed it. That being said, having too many priorities on your list can have the opposite effect. Break down your priorities list over the next seven days and do small chunks of the work. That way, your list isn’t three pages long and you don’t feel overwhelmed by your workload.

And remember: you only have limited time, so once you write your to-do list, figure out what is really important and what is nice to have.

#3 Come To Terms With The Fact That You Don’t Deserve Distractions

Yeah, I’m talking about Netflix. You’ve left the studying too late and now you don’t get to enjoy the luxuries of social media or friends. Now is the time to hole yourself in your room for the next couple of days and remove all distractions from your workspace.

Of course, take some breaks if you feel your concentration wavering, but only 5-10 minute breaks, not a whole Netflix series!

#4 Think Positive

Some students really underestimate the power of positive energy. The only person who can ruin your chances of this exam is you. If you are thinking negative thoughts and keep thinking, “what’s the point? I’m probably going to fail” then it will affect your motivation and your ability to remember your notes in the exam.

Think positively and about how you’re going to celebrate the end of exams, this will get you through the hard slog of revising everything you’ve ever learnt in the space of a week.

#5 Skip The Textbook

The time for reading out of the book is past. You only have a limited amount of time and wasting it browsing through chapters and chapters trying to find what you’re looking for isn’t going to help.

Instead, read the class notes and lecture slides prepared by your teacher. Usually your lecturer will have taken the important bits of the text and summarised them for you, so the hard bit is done! With exams so close, your goal should be short bursts of information that are easy to remember — not memorising a whole chapter.

#6 Actually Go To Sleep

You’re not helping anyone if you stay up all day and night cramming. Studies have actually shown that staying up late is detrimental to your health and can affect your ability to memorise your notes.

So, lay off the caffeine before bed and get at least six hours sleep before on the night for your exam. A well-rested mind is able to retain information and think clearly in the exam. Happy studying!

Sophie Nicolas is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

Author: Subojit Aich