11 ways to enhance the battery life of iPhone

We live in this hyper connected world where we are always using these pocket computers called smartphones. As useful they are for most of us they barely last us 10 hours on a single charge, which for many isn’t even a full day’s work. In some cases, you’d probably want your phone to last even longer as you’d want to go out post work.

So it is safe to say, the battery life of the modern smartphone is the bane of our existence. Some manufacturers have resorted to adding massive batteries on phones, which hasn’t been aesthetically pleasing as it adds weight and thickness.

So, let’s tackle the big elephant in the room. Of course, we’re talking about Apple’s iPhone. Battery life is the biggest weakness of the iPhone. It is average at best, and with age it kind of becomes abysmal. Only the newer and larger iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus can stake claim to what one calls good battery life. So how does one go about enhancing the battery of an iPhone?

1. Enhancing the battery life of the phone starts with the charging process. Common knowledge would say that you should drain your battery fully and then charge it to 100 per cent. However, that’s a myth. To ensure that your battery lasts long – you should ideally always not let it dip below 20 per cent. While charging you charge the phone between 40 to 80 per cent. This is particularly true of Lithium-Ion batteries that are used in phones. You don’t need to worry about charge cycles this way and you can charge the phone multiple times over.

2. If you’re a roadrunner, chances are the iPhone’s battery life isn’t going to cut it for you unless you have a battery case. On iOS 9, there’s a new feature called ‘Low Power mode’. It is enabled automatically once the phone’s battery goes below 20 per cent, but you can manually enable it anytime. You need to go to Settings > Battery > turn on Low Power Mode. This will also mean that your mails aren’t fetched automatically, the Siri voice controls are disabled and even background app refresh is off. But if you keep this mode turned on you can almost double the battery life of the iPhone on an average.

3. Location services on the iPhone are a big battery hog. Whenever possible, you should stop apps from trying to triangulate on your location. Particularly, apps like Facebook and Google Search do this a lot.

4. To check which apps are guzzling most of the battery of your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Battery. Here you will get all kinds of usage statistics. You will get to know which app is consuming how much battery. You will know how much you’ve used the phone and for how long the phone has been on standby. This way you will also be able to detect if there’s an issue with the battery of the phone. It will also give suggestions, for instance, if your display is not on auto-brightness mode, then it will recommend that.

5. You should always have auto brightness enabled on the iPhone. Even Apple specifies the same. You can either use the control centre to quickly reduce the brightness of the phone’s screen or you can go inside the Display and Brightness settings to reduce it and set a base brightness level for auto brightness.

6. Some apps like Facebook, Mail, Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack are known to be big battery hogs. You could perhaps go to the background app refresh settings and turn it off for these apps. Trust us there will be a big difference to your battery life.

7. Many users don’t realise this but their auto locks are often set to more than a minute. You should always have your auto lock on for less than 1 minute. It is not only good for the privacy of your data, but also great for your phone’s battery life.

8. One of the biggest reasons why the battery life of the iPhone is quite poor in countries like India is simply the network. It is the intangible element that no one seems to blame. Not only call drops, but as the signal is weak the phone and its antennas work overtime to get a better signal, which is a big hog on the phone’s battery. Instead, if you’re in an area which has a strong Wi-Fi signal, you can turn on airplane mode and keep the Wi-Fi on and use services like WhatsApp calls or FaceTime audio to make calls. Not only your calls will be clearer and audible, your phone’s battery life will last longer.

9. On the flip side, if you’re the type of person who receives a lot of calls and SMS, then turning off your Wi-Fi will have a minor impact on the overall battery life of the phone. This will also help when you’re in a place where there’s no Wi-Fi network and the phone is still hunting for a network despite there being none. You know that kind of thing consumes battery. While doing so, you can also disable things like Bluetooth, AirDrop and perhaps even turn off 3G.

10. iOS has a lot of features to make things look better, which as you’d imagine takes up a lot of battery. With iOS 7, Apple added parallax effects, which basically adds the illusion of the wallpaper moving around as you move the phone. You can turn this off by going into Settings > General > Accessibility. Here you can turn on reduce motion. In the wallpaper settings you should also turn off perspective zoom, which also sucks up a lot of battery. The overall effect of this will be that your phone will gain another hour’s worth of battery life.

11. Calibrate the battery of the iPhone. Most users have never heard that before. But the truth is they know that, but just don’t know how to go about it. To calibrate your battery, drain it from a full 100 per cent to a full 0, at least once a month. That will keep your iPhone’s battery calibrated and will ensure that you don’t have sudden drops in the battery life over time.

Author: Rakesh Sasmal